Hello! We are Sasha and Masha, and this is our puma, his name is Messi.
We bought this puma from the Petting Zoo at the age of one year. We live in an ordinary apartment where Messi has his organized cozy corner. We go outside to the toilet twice a day, we walk there and waste energy. The cat eats only meat products, a properly balanced diet. In addition, we go to training classes 3 times a week.
Messi is a very affectionate and contact cat, does not bite, does not spoil furniture. He likes to be stroked and loves to talk. Still with us lives a pussycat (sphinx) name Kira and she does not really like Messi. She pounds him with his paws and hisses at him.
Please, no need to offer to let the puma out to the nearest forest or hand over to the reserve. The state of health of this animal does not allow him to live not only in the wild but even in the aviary outside.
We sincerely do not recommend to have a cougar at home. It is very dangerous!
Messi is unique, do not repeat this!

  • Evgen nemtzev
    Evgen nemtzev

    Самый добродушный кот

  • Zulaika Gould
    Zulaika Gould

    My cats wake me up early too. I overslept one morning and the cat kept waking me up. I kept ignoring her and she persisted finally , I looked at the time and I had 15 minutes to get ready for work. I was so happy that the cat woke me up that I 💋her and told her what a good girl she was.

  • Nikes62

    He has huge paws 🐾 just like my Maine Coon. Do you trim his nails?

  • EmptyAltruism

    So beautiful, you are lucky!!

  • EmptyAltruism

    Wonderful video, you are so lucky to have worked so hard and achieved something spectacular!!

  • Manels Empire
    Manels Empire

    couldn't stand watch you wasting a lot of water!!!

  • Sandy Schaffer
    Sandy Schaffer

    Messi is so beautiful. Just like a big family cat. You have trained him so good. His eyes are beautiful. Take care from Bethlehem Pa.

  • BUTCH0120

    such a well mannered boy. thank you.

  • El Tigre
    El Tigre

    RIP Cheetah Ichel. I wished that you would have had a longer life to spend with Masha and family.

  • Ying Ma
    Ying Ma

    Not only puma Messi has a higher IQ than many humans, he also seems to have a higher EQ!

  • luis ro
    luis ro

    hace deporte?

  • EmptyAltruism

    Much love from america!! Thank you, this is a wonderful video!!

  • Mel Jenkins
    Mel Jenkins

    Messi, the little thief. Stealing his sister's food.

  • Ash Garden
    Ash Garden

    😂😂😂 messi's lazy moment... soooo super super cute... hug hug... 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  • EmptyAltruism

    I can confirm, as a drunkard...the cat has excellent form. He does it well

  • Davi Torres
    Davi Torres


  • Kinga Jedski
    Kinga Jedski


  • EmptyAltruism

    Best kitty

  • MrSilvershane

    Yo dad wake up. I need my corn flakes.

  • Michelle Tyson
    Michelle Tyson

    Hes beautiful.... ❤

  • Justin Hansen
    Justin Hansen


  • EmptyAltruism

    You guys are awesome, thank you

  • Nad x
    Nad x


  • Martial Munky
    Martial Munky

    Someone has been getting into the Snack Packs. The best toys are also the simplest.

  • Astrid Flores
    Astrid Flores

    Awww.... beautiful kitty!❤❤❤

  • Михаил Amirov
    Михаил Amirov

    Не давайте ему молоко,и молоко содержащие

  • Zulaika Gould
    Zulaika Gould

    My cats like going out early too. I open the door and when they feel the cold they change their minds. We talk to them a lot too. We treat them like if they were humans.

  • _ASTI_ART_

    Вот это трактор😀

  • Михаил Amirov
    Михаил Amirov

    У котов непереносимость лактозы

  • Kaben

    The cutest Messi video ever 😃

  • L S
    L S

    Messi I could watch you all day. Such a character you are.🐀

  • Lin jun wei
    Lin jun wei

    Cat with a Catitude

  • EmptyAltruism

    So much respect. Love all you guys (kitties and people) and wish you all the best in life

  • 99drham

    Оказывается, коты умываются не только для чистоты, еще у них витамин Д образуется на шерстке, под воздействием Солнца

  • Amanda Owens
    Amanda Owens

    Poor baby

  • yambonie

    I’ve come to notice that all Russians enjoy doing monologues

  • Евгения Герто
    Евгения Герто


  • ゴールデンあっちやん

    かわいい❤️cute❤️ 目が、とても綺麗ですね❤️beautiful eye👁️✨

  • Deb Seitz
    Deb Seitz

    Dad you are brave, Gerda has come along way from here. This training was not easy for either of you you are so patent.💖

  • M.R. Stephens
    M.R. Stephens

    That's a magnificent feline! I'm more than a little envious.

  • Chris Jennys Adventures
    Chris Jennys Adventures

    Beautiful Puma

  • Alfred Rongess
    Alfred Rongess

    Messi has so beautiful eyes

  • paul clark
    paul clark

    So all cats are douche bags, big and small. How big is that cats scratching post?

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez


  • Анастасия Лопатина
    Анастасия Лопатина

    Усатый утилизатор бутылок

  • BUTCH0120

    thank you. your videos always make me smile.

  • __

    Лень привела к эволюции человека и техническому прогрессу цивилизации. завтрашние заголовки новостей: Пума Месси изобрел ракету и улетел покорять Марс

  • Patsy Hay
    Patsy Hay

    So irresponsible

  • cool beans
    cool beans

    why is she grumpy?

  • Aditya Pratama
    Aditya Pratama

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  • Karim Niang
    Karim Niang

    I clicked on the video even though I couldn't understand anything because wtf a Puma making out with Johnny Sins this shit Is legendary

  • Professor Hardwick
    Professor Hardwick

    Messi does need to hit the gym. He starting to pork up a little bit.😸😺😾

  • Too Much
    Too Much

    I ♥️ Kira's sassy ways but hope you find a feline companion that likes to play nice with Messi

  • Галина Павлова
    Галина Павлова

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  • Алла Перемитина
    Алла Перемитина

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  • Sara Gorelik
    Sara Gorelik


  • サトシΛSH—

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  • Joanna Farias
    Joanna Farias

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  • Clarice Teixeira Rodrigues
    Clarice Teixeira Rodrigues

    Beija muito por mim , porq é um privilégio ter um animalzinho assim. Clarice , Brasil



  • lila rose
    lila rose

    Hes embarrassed now😄. Its ok messi. We still love you😙.

  • 1509Lena

    Только я рот открывала, когда Масян бутылку жевал?)))

  • Smells

    Утомленная котька нежно с тарой игралась...😻

  • Lala Asatourian
    Lala Asatourian

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  • Елена Замышляева
    Елена Замышляева

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    Карина Боляк

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    Cristos Palabras

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    Классный видос!!! Месси - умнейший кот!!! Так, прикольно просит поесть!!! Очень интересно было смотреть!!! Молодцы, Саша и Маша!!! Спасибо за труды)))

  • Ljuba Parchomenko
    Ljuba Parchomenko

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  • ria

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  • Luz elena Martinez gonzalez
    Luz elena Martinez gonzalez

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  • Slimxzy

    One thing Messi has in common with any other cat is his stubbornness 😂

  • Isabella Jabarin
    Isabella Jabarin

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  • Елена Рыбина
    Елена Рыбина

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    Jaylalondan Johnson


  • Bloqk-16

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