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  • Ekaterina Levicheva
    Ekaterina Levicheva

    LIVE STREAM TRANSLATION. January 24, 2021. Hi friends, there are only two of us left from the team of volunteer translators. :-( Therefore, we bring to your attention only a short retelling of the video. During streams, Anna and I will continue to translate the most important moments online. Part 1. The guys start streaming, they say hello and apologize for not uploading the video yesterday because their computer broke down. The guys are discussing the weather. After severe frosts (-24°C/-11.2°F), it became warm (+2°C/35.6°F), large pieces of snow are falling from the roofs. Messi are watching as snow falling from the roof. 2:13 Question: What is the risk of removing the paranoid gland in a cat? Sasha advises to go to the veterinarian, because he still doesn’t have enough knowledge, he’s still studying to be a veterinarian. Sasha also recommends contacting Yana, Dima's wife (KZit channel "Day of the Tiger" kzit.info/do/JHzqhP6Bes_P4y1tkO01Dg). The guys are again discussing the snow that falls in clods from the roof. Messi is no longer interested in watching the snow fall from the roof. Meteorologists promise such weather within the next week. The guys are discussing the video angle on the phone (at first they thought that the image was reversed mirrored). 4:52 Greetings from Idaho, USA Masha again asks forgiveness for the lack of yesterday's video and explains the reason. Q: What is your opinion about the rallies? (Protest rallies against the corruption of the Russian president were held in many cities of Russia the day before). Masha explains that they are not interested in politics and don’t understand the meaning of these rallies. Sasha says that the last time they watched the news was in December 2014. Since then, the guys have deliberately ignored the news. The guys believe that their life has become much happier and more enjoyable because of this. The guys don’t even know the names of the ministers. They don’t even know who Mishustin is (this is the Prime Minister of Russia). Sasha recalls a saying that probably belongs to Churchill: "Being involved in politics is the same as picking in the mud." 7:28 Masha again asks for forgiveness for the lack of yesterday's video and says that everything is fine with them. Masha urges subscribers not to immediately think about the bad, as her mother usually does. Sasha says that their computer's hard drive is broken, but they have a backup. They installed a new 1 terabyte hard drive in their laptop. Masha explains that the goals of their KZit channel are not to chase new trends, not to discuss news, not to hype. The guys share their good mood with subscribers. Sasha recalls how his mother was always worried about him when he came home late. 9:41 Q: Have you removed the New Year tree? Guys: Yes, we did it. Only the garlands remained on the terrace and on Gerda's enclosure. Sasha explains that they didn't remove the garlands due to the weather. 10:18 Greetings from the USA, from the Baltic States, from Kazakhstan. Masha reads the donation commentary. This subscriber also hasn't watched the news for two years. Masha: Without news, life is calmer and it seems like you're okay. Masha reads the comments and asks some of the subscribers to scroll through the live broadcast back, the guys have already answered these questions. Comment: According to etiquette, topics of religion and politics are taboo. Sasha brought sour cream for Messi. Sasha: According to the rules of business negotiations, the topics of politics, sports, cars and religion are taboo. Q: How do Messi, Gerda and Kira react to the weather? Masha says that they react the same way as she does. Masha is a weather-dependent person. Sasha: Animals are very weather dependent. Messi, Kira and the guys slept very restlessly tonight. Sasha complains that the snow was falling from the roof with a very loud sound. 12:29 Masha reads the comments. The guys thank the subscribers. Messi eats sour cream with pleasure. Sasha says that this is already the fifth teaspoon and it is enough for him. Greetings from Krasnodar. [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krasnodar] Masha discusses the weather in Krasnodar, the weather is changeable. Sasha says that he is very much afraid of the coming thaw. A lot of snow has fallen, the drainage system of their land plot will not cope with so much water. Q: You haven't even watched the video about Putin's palace? 77 million views! (kzit.info/dron/mdZ306mdpH2flq4/bejne.html Now more than 102 million views). Masha: No, we didn't watch it. Sasha tells what posts he saw on Instagram about this. How many million rubles do you need to earn from childhood to have such a palace. Sasha: What is surprising here, on the other hand? Has it ever happened differently in history? Sasha recalls that it was different in Singapore. Sasha: Someone needs money, but someone needs to leave their mark on history. Fame, power, money are identical things. A human needs something of this, he always strives for this, Sasha believes. 14:44 Masha reads the commentary. The subscriber agrees that someone will always briefly retell the most important news. Q: Was Messi's diet cut after he asked for meat from packages? Masha says no. She wonders if Gerda is getting fat or if she has such a thick undercoat. In winter, it always seems like Messi has gained weight due to his thick undercoat. Sasha says that they will cut the diet of cats in the spring (when the temperature is above zero both day and night). Sasha shows with his hands that Gerd's waist, as thin as it was, remains the same. But at the same time, the bones on the sacrum became less noticeable. 15:57 Greetings from Brian. C: It’s not for nothing that they say: if you want to quarrel, talk about politics. Sasha says that from time to time he and his friends argue about cars, although their classes of cars are the same. This is true for phone brands too. Q: Are you aware that the keyboardist of the Rammstein group has been subscribed to your Instagram? The guys didn't know that. Sasha recalls the song of the group "Rammstein" “Du hast”. He praises their videos. Cool video clips are also shot by the "Leningrad" group (like blockbusters). Sasha is not a fan of the “Leningrad” group, but he praises their videos. Masha reads the comments. A compliment to Sasha that the aquamarine color suits him very much. Sasha talks about how he bought this T-shirt (it came with a free promotion in the store). Sasha asks Masha if she wants to brag about the news about the clothes. Masha was invited to the TV show "Fashionable Sentence" (this is a show where the host is a stylist, they offer three clothing options for one person. A person can choose one set of clothes for himself for free). On Monday, the organizers of the show must call Masha again about this. 18:33 Greetings from Rotterdam. Q: A cat scratches its owner in a dream. Is there anything we can do about it? Sasha explains that cats have dreams. Once Messi also dreamed something, and he scratched Sasha. That is, Messi jumped up in a dream, began to fall out of bed and caught his claws on Sasha's hand. This happened in the middle of the night, and Sasha had to wake up. 19:20 Donation from Irina: To cats for a snowmobile. Masha says that they asked a neighbor to drive his snowmobile and make a path. And the next day the thaw began. Sasha explains that after the thaw is over, an ice crust forms on top of the snow, on which they can walk. Greetings from Latvia. Q: My cat constantly crawls under the bath, he can even spend the night there. What should I do? Sasha explains that the cat has found refuge. Cats are solitary predators with hiding places. The cat needs to have a secluded place where it can hide and watch everyone from there. The cat can be offered another refuge. But it must be borne in mind that a human cannot be allowed into this refuge. You can clean up there, but so that the animal doesn’t see it. The animal should feel safe there. Subscribers write about the weather again. Masha reads the comments, thanks. Masha: Thanks to those who are with us on the same wavelength! Sasha was also invited to television (without Messi), to another show on another TV channel. Sasha is still thinking about this proposal. He's tired of being locked up. However, these trips involve risk. Sasha wants to see one TV presenter (a comedian who hails from Penza).

    • Elephant seal
      Elephant seal

      Thank you Ekaterina and Anna for these translations and for the mini-translations during the live-streams. These are really helpful to us who do not understand Russian language.

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      Elisa Williams

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      Myriam Bredeche

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      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Check back to this video later.

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      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Check back to this video later.

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      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Check back to this video later.

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      @Ирина Викар - У Саши и Маши стоит в настройках блокировка рекламы. Ищите по названию - Гепарды. Название по английски я не помню. Ютуб сам подбрасывает.

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      А можно ссылочку?

  • Татьяна Токмачева
    Татьяна Токмачева

    Мессик до безумия любит своего папу.Я тоже не смотрю новости и ДР.программы и мужу говорю не разводи со мной полемику.


    Could you please show us how long this bigcat can jump ?

  • Jimi Lawrence
    Jimi Lawrence


  • Patsy Spry
    Patsy Spry

    Watching your videos is the most relaxing part of my day! Thanks for sharing your three beautiful feline babies with us! Much ❤️ from PNW 🇺🇸

  • Монина Елена
    Монина Елена

    Зная Яну, она предложет вместо собаки тигрика😂 (Писала комментарий не досмотрев стрим, 🤣🤣🤣 Таки Яна предложила всё ж тигрёнка!).

  • Nasteno4ika

    Венмайер потрясающая порода, они добряки и весельчаки) наблюдаю за некоторыми представителями в инстаграме. Будет просто здорово, если вы решите взять, и Гердочке компания 🥰

  • Nasteno4ika

    Ребята, спасибо вам за позитив, и за то, что не говорите о политике. Поддерживаю вас на 100% А провокаторы, пытающиеся вас из-за этого как-то задеть пусть идут на... другие каналы. Я телик не смотрю уже больше 5 лет, и безумно счастлива. Обожаю вас и ваших животных, совсем недавно нашла ваш канал, ни дня не проходит без просмотра видео. Поэтому пока нет новых, отрываюсь на старых 😘

  • Any Any
    Any Any

    Segui vuoi da Italia . siete persone buone mi diverto con vostro Puma 💋❤️

  • Hloe Johnes
    Hloe Johnes

    Правильно говорите про BobCat. Не понимаю, что надо этим людям? Чтобы вы танцевали вокруг чужой проблемы? Они заболели, значит их карма. Можно только посочувствовать, и то слишком сильно увлекаться не стоит.

    • Anna Koroleva
      Anna Koroleva

      @Монина Елена а чего стыдиться? Пишите это тем, кто во все дыры с этим катиным каналом лезет. И да, "неужели" мы не поддерживаем браконьеров

    • Монина Елена
      Монина Елена

      Стыдитесь, господа! Не ужели вас ничему хорошему не научил этот канал?

    • Anna Koroleva
      Anna Koroleva

      @Лена На и вам всего хорошего, и вашей Катеньке с браконьером Кирюшенькой

    • Лена На
      Лена На

      @Anna Koroleva всего доброго

    • Anna Koroleva
      Anna Koroleva

      @Лена На сложно назвать "друзьями" браконьеров

  • Mine Murzaev
    Mine Murzaev

    не выводите мэсси на улицу короновирус смертельно опасен котам!!!

  • Baby Angels
    Baby Angels

    why aren't you uploading Messi and Gerda videos? what happened?

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      The new videos will appear today in 5 hours according to the schedule! Today is Tuesday, not yesterday.

  • Natasha Gorina
    Natasha Gorina

    А Самоеда не рассматриваете?

  • Ree McLaughlin
    Ree McLaughlin

    I LOVE your new house! Can't you adopt me too? 🙏🏻💖😻🐾

  • toots girl
    toots girl

    Lovin' Messi's videos here in the USA!..Like to see more videos w Translation included so I can understand more of your life with your precious Messi ?????.. I must say I stay clear of normal house cats because I'm highly allergic to their dander, and not sure If Messi would make my eyes swell shut but if I had the chance, I promise, I'd just HAVE to love on your baby.......Sooooo sweet!

  • Tatjana Dolheimer
    Tatjana Dolheimer

    Не надо снег вывозить,он сам стает постепенно.

  • Физлицо

    Герда самая лучшая !

  • Инна Мотицкая
    Инна Мотицкая

    Рада Вас видеть!

  • Яна Фёдорова
    Яна Фёдорова

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  • Елена Коханская
    Елена Коханская

    Привет! Молоцв. Политикой понятно вы не анимаетесь и правильно делаете. Го вы курсе это факт.

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    татьяна самсонова

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  • Edson Feitosa
    Edson Feitosa

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    Таня Танечка

    Даже в Забайкалье снег выпал). Лепота....Масяну, вам, всем привет).

  • Наталья Вараксина
    Наталья Вараксина

    Не вздумайте ехать на ТНТ ! На днях показывали что то,касающееся животных, содержащихся в неволе,упомянули и вас ! Но говорилось о квартире в городе ! Могут записать все хорошо,а выложить в эфир ,в искаженном виде! Нужно точно знать ,что это не провокация и для чего им информация ?

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