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  • London Guide
    London Guide

    Translation Part 1 Translated by Olga Elmes Masha and Sasha start together: Privet. Hello Everyone. Happy Sunday to all of you. Happy Valentine Day to All. All who love somebody, including themselves. They say thank you to a viewer called Brian. Sasha: I want to tell you straight away that our stream will be 30 min shorter today. At 2:30 we‘ll have to go, we have an appointment. But we’ll compensate you next Sunday. Masha: We don’t have any presents to open either, so all our stream will be dedicated to communication with you. 1:06 Messi appears in the picture and says: Wa. Sasha: Messi, can you say it more cheerfully, your cheek is flopping on the floor. Are you tired? Are you tired of loafing? Masha calls Messi " A dosy little sausage". Messi lifts up his head as Sasha goes to the fridge. Sasha: He knows why I went to the fridge. Nose - nose , puff- puff. Messi opens his eyes widely as he knows his nose will be sprayed with a nasal spray Thymogen which supports immune system. Breeze in, Messi, do not sneeze it out. Masha stands in the middle of the room and reads a comment: Today You Tube is 16 years old. Sasha greets all the you tubers and wonders if You Tube was established on St. Valentine’s Day intentionally. Greetings from the snowy city of Yaroslavl (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaroslavl). Masha says it snows here too. Sasha complains of abrupt weather changes. Yesterday was +2C, today -18C . Then he addresses Messi: Do u want something tasty? You thought you would be given something nice, instead I brought you the nose spray. Now u will have some smetanna (a type of Russian sour cream or crème fraiche which the Russians put in any soup, salad or just eat like yoghurt). Greetings from Ivanovo (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivanovo). How deep is the snow there? Sasha: We have snow drifts everywhere. It is not noticeable on our land but if you go outside you can see piles of snow made by tractors on both sides of the road. We can have here winter Olympic games with mountain slalom. 5:01 Q: Is Yana going to visit u? (They talk about their friends Day with Tigers kzit.info/do/JHzqhP6Bes_P4y1tkO01Dg) Sasha: Yana is going to Moscow to a conference, she is having meetings there, particurlaly she is meeting scientists going to ASR soon to give them a parcel for AlexeyTikhonov ( Another like-minded friend kzit.info/do/GPyYrQjpEtQOq7-pSZnUHw ) We guess she will visit us in Penza on the way back but it depends. 5:55 Messi keeps on eating smetanna. Haven’t you had enough? asks Sasha. Greetings from Riga, Indonesia. A Viewer writes they have just returned from the sauna to catch up with Messi. Did you jump into the snow? asks Massha ( this Russian tradition is still followed in the suburbs but you can’t jump out naked into the snowdrift in the centre of Moscow or Ekaterinburg) Greetings from Samara. It’s snowing there. Masha: After the thaw we had ice on the paths, I went to feed Gerda early in the morning and I slipped and landed rather painfully on the ice. It’s good that it’s snowing now, as the snow covers the ice. But my bottom is still hurting. Viewer: Let love be in your house on any day. Q: Why does Gerda eat only from a bowl though it’s awkward for her? Is it her instinct or habit? Masha & Sasha: Habit. Sasha: Instinct is a base laid down by nature and evolution We have an ancient part of the brain which is independent of us. All the instincts are kept there. Evolution was sorting out these instincts to help us to exist. The very reason of any cell is to transmit information further. Nature worked to achieve that. Reflex, on the other hand, is a habit which animal trainers work with. They can’t work with instinct. They work with reflexes. Reflex is a habit, a habit can be changed, undone, redone. You can’t work with instincts. We are identical to animals, we also have identical instincts. But our reflexes are different because they are acquired. Greetings from Ryazan and Tula. Messi is a super cat. Hi from Moscow . We are covered with snow. Sasha says: They set a snow record. The most snow for last 50 years. 9:35 Q. What is the temperature of the meat you give to Messi? Sasha: we defrost the meat and give it to him at room T which is +22 in their home. Ideally it should be +36, +38 as this is a temperature of a killed prey like a deer but in our case if we heat the meat it means it won’t be fresh. We are freezing meat for 10 days, defrost till the room T and it’s enough for a comfort in stomach. 10:45 Q: Have a happy Valentine’s Day. A friend’s cat gnaws at socks. They have to hide the socks or he will destroy all of them. Does it mean there is excess acid in the stomach? Sasha: He might be attracted by the smell if the socks have been worn. They rub the scent onto their faces. But if he gnaws rags it might be because he has excess of acid in his stomach or the need to cleanse their intestines. You could offer the cat some grass in pots. If it needs cleansing it will eat grass. If the problem is high acidity you can inspect his stool. It’s better to feed natural meat where you can see what kind of stool your cat has. Inspect if he can digest small pieces of cartilages and bones. If there are undigested pieces it means that the acidity, on the contrary, is low. There is medicine like for human beings to normalise acidity. We can’t diagnose by phone or correspondence. First of all you should see your vet and arrange lab tests. 13:28 Q from Vladimir: I noticed some clips with links to your video. Were these agreed by you? Masha: Yes they were and they are posted on Instagram not on KZit. Sasha begins brushing Messi. Messi wishes to move to the centre of the room. Clever boy! Viewer: It was a pleasure to have watched Maria (Masha) brushing Gerda. When Gerda began biting the brush I was laughing. Masha agrees that Gerda is a very funny girl. Sasha says they are going to visit Gerda next. Ekaterina and Jo send donations to Messi. Viewers who wrote about the sauna wrote back that they did not have time to wallow in the snow because they did not want to miss the stream with Messi Masha : What did you do there then? Have a wash and rushed back? Poor you! Sasha: They will watch our stream and will go back to have the second round. Sauna (banya in Russian) is a place where you can spend the whole day. Greeting from Krasnoyarsk (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krasnoyarsk) : We do not have so much snow here. Sasha: You can borrow our snow. Come with a lorry. Welcome!

    • Zuzzuka

      Part 4 45:35 Sasha continues to talk about Italians. He describes them as cheerful, outgoing, awesome people who loves to gesture. He also noticed that there are two types of people who are all dressed up for breakfast - Russian women and Italian men. 46:15 Comment: I’m totally in love with your cat family. Good health, happiness and wellbeing to you. A special kiss and hug for Messi. 46:26 Sasha tries to stir Messi up. 46:36 Q: Where was Messi when you went to the radio station? Please, kiss Messi in his nose. The guys: He slept at home. 46:42 Masha: Anna, thank you. 46:43 Sasha adds to the previous question: We were awake early in the morning, walked Messi, got ready and went to the radio station. And we’re back by 1pm. 46:51 Comment: Messi’s muscles are just WOW. Masha: He is handsome indeed. Sasha: And he knows it. 47:02 Q: Why did you decided to hang a mirror in Gerda’s enclosure? Was there any purpose? Masha: At least, she passed the mirror test. Sacha: In fact, she didn’t and won’t pass it. She’s interested in it. I only had a small mirror, but in the future I’m going to hang a large one. She loves to interact with it. This is real fun for her. However, she doesn’t recognise herself in it. She thinks it’s a window and tries to look behind it. Anyway, a mirror will be there even though she didn’t pass the test. 48:04 Donation: To the beloved cat family for treats. Masha: thank you 48:08 Comment: The Yandex road app rates traffic jam in Moscow at 10 points (out of a possible ten) Masha: Even here in Penza, the city’s traffic is nearly paralysed every time when there’s heavy snowfall. But I can’t even imagine what’s going on in Moscow. Sasha: Compared to Moscow, our traffic jams can hardly be called real congestions. Masha: I know. I mean that for our city it’s a real problem too. Sasha recalls how they got stuck in an enormous traffic jam when they’re leaving one of the largest open-air festivals of Russian rock called Nashestvie (=Invasion). Then they even managed to sleep in the car. 48:37 Q: Hello. Do pumas and cheetahs smell the same as freshly-licked domestic cats? They smell so good. Sasha: They smell slightly different to cats, dogs or sheep, but it’s still the smell of clean fur. Masha: In my opinion, Messi smells like any other cat. Sasha: They just have strong odour on the breath. As predators, they consume a lot of meat that gets stuck in their teeth and that results in special microflora that smells meatish. Except this, they smell very nice. 49:25 Comment: Tatiana from Spain says hi to you, cat family. Masha: Our warmest greetings to you too 49:29 Comment: Happy Valentines Day to you, guys. Love you. You’re awesome. Kiss your cats 49: 35 The guys are discussing whether it’s time to visit Gerda. Sasha is afraid they won’t have enough time to spend with Gerda. They decides to pop in to see Kira first. 49:52 Comment: Snow is also expected in Jerusalem next week. The guys: Something going on, it was decided to cover us all with snow. 50:01 Comment: I’ve been watching you since the beginning too. I remember, how surprised I was to see Sasha washing puma Masha: Amazing 50:12 Q from Alena Alekseevna: I always wanted to know why can’t cheetahs retract their claws? Sasha: Cubs possess this ability. As they’re vulnerable to other predators in Africa, retractable claws help them with climbing in order to hide. As they mature, the muscles responsible for retracting atrophy, and claws remain out all the time. Besides catching prey, cats use their claws for climbing. Unlike ambush predators, cheetahs hunt in open plains and the speed is of great importance. They’re the fastest land animal. To gather this speed, they must have a good traction, which is provided by dog-like non-retractable claws. Same as bears. Bear cubs climb trees to stay safe and away from predators, while the claws of adult bear won’t stand such weight. It make sense, as adult bear is at the top of food chain and takes its other advantages. 52:30 Comment: Hello from Sevastopol Masha: Hello 52:34 Q: When to expect video about reindeers? Sasha: Everything is ready. The guys made a viewing platform right over the venue where reindeers walk, so it’ll be great to go live from out there. We’re waiting for the warmer weather. Now it’s too cold to stream for two hours. And one thing I was about to ask u, is it okay that this stream will be without Messi, Gerda & Kira, as there’s no connection between our house and this place, so we won’t be able to return home. 53:57 Donation: Sorry, I meant a link, not a tick. Yesterday, I watched the video on Alex’ channel. I really like this intro in video. Do you know any app that can make the same? Sasha explains that there’s a huge range of apps that are pretty similar and vary only in price & interface design. Both, Sasha and Alex, work in Camtasia. Someone uses Sony Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere. The last one is the most expensive of them. Masha assumes that they’re talking about the intro that Alex got as a present. Sasha says he can ask Alex about it 55:57 Donation: How to add an Instagram link to my YT channel? Masha: Just put @ followed by your Instagram account name in video description and the link gets activated 56:17 Comment: I’m working tomorrow, and snowdrifts are so high in Moscow, that I’m going to shovel out my car and hope that 4WD will help me to get out. Happy Valentines day. All the best Masha: Like in the video I saw yesterday, when a guy comes out, looks at his car, buried under snow, and says, ‘It seems that I’m going to be late for work today.’ Sasha: I guess he has some kind of sedan or sports car, as his ‘snowdrift” was lower compared to others. But to be honest, even 4WD won’t help with such snowfall. Even our neighbour’s Land Cruiser 200 got stuck in snow on the side of the road, giving way to a van and couldn’t get out on itself. So our neighbour had to wait for the tractor to free his car. The car’s weight is about 3k kg, so it’s unreal to free it alone. 57:33 Comment: Love to spend time with your cat family. Thank you for your reply to my question. 57:45 Masha: This is one of our creations named Casper. You’ll see it soon in one of the videos. 58:03 Masha to Kira: The sun is down and you’re still not blanketed. Sasha: Do you want me to cover you with a blanket Kira: meow Sasha: The sun goes down, the anthill closes (phrase from Soviet cartoon) 58:38 Donation: It seems they’ve used Adobe After Effects or something similar to work with 3d graphics rather than video editor. The guys: We don’t know. But if you want we can ask him 59:01 Comment: Hello from Vilnius. We have heavy snowfall too and temperature outside is about -20 degrees. 59:11 Comment: The intro was made by his friend and Alex said about this. Masha: That’s what I said. Alex got it as a gift and hesitated to use it. Sasha: Alex was very shy about using the thing he didn’t pay for. And I asked him, ‘Do you pay back every time you get presents for Happy Birthday. If you want to show your gratitude, you can put the link to his account below.’ 59:47 Comment: Alex’ intro was made by his friend from US Sasha: I’ll ask Alex about the software that was used to make this intro and tell you about it later

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      Thank you so much for the translations lovely ladies! 🙏🙏🙏 We love to hear and keep up with everything that’s going on with Messi and his beautiful family and thanks to your translations, this is possible for us English speakers. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Elephant seal Strange, the comment was pinned! Tomorrow Masha will fix it again. Thank you!

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      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Check back to this video later.

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      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Check back to this video later.

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      Какой бред вы пишите! Месси и Герда не были бы такими замечательными, если бы их хозяева, Саша и Маша, не были тоже замечательными. Они особенные. Уважаем их! 💞

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