Пума Месси пытается разбудить Сашу
Меси очень настойчив в своих желаниях)) Месси пытается разбудить Сашу, а Саша пытается не поддаться на его уговоры.

  • Rastaveli MC
    Rastaveli MC

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    • Abdulkadir Gibreal
      Abdulkadir Gibreal

      Those eyes are like magical pools


      @James Kevin Heinle I couldnt stand my G/fs mom. So she rarely came around. So anyways, Janis was telling her we had a new kitten and shed love it if she came over. So she agreed. Her mom also has a habit of snooping around in the bathrooms. So I went to my neighbors house cuz he has a St Bernard that takes HUGE dumps. So I put one in a bag and took it home. I still had a few minutes before her mom showed up. So i went in the bathroom and put the turd in the new kittens litterbox. Her mom asked to use the bathroom as usual. She came out with a look on her face that was priceless. First thing she asked was how old the cat was. When Janis told her a few months old, her jaw hit the ground. She finally asked "What, do you have a damn mountain lion?"

    • James Kevin Heinle
      James Kevin Heinle

      ❤️🧲♥️🧲🧲🧲❤️✔️🐱🤩☀️🤣imagining my sister when she would visit our apartment and surprised her waking up to see the cat first time! This would be funny! 🐱 Meet our new kitten"just an odd little mutt breed we picked up from the SPCA" we're not really sure what he is, but he's unique-wait and see in the morning! 😆😂🤣😁🙄😒🤨😴🥴⚡💥💢💨🚀🎇🎆🐾♥️🥰😍😳💩😲🤗😊😅Now THAT is a CAT! "

    • Objective Intuition
      Objective Intuition



      @Bianchi But this helps. Kinda kzit.info/dron/hLqBtKWOqaemlLo/bejne.html

  • Vadim 79
    Vadim 79

    Это пиздец , класс

  • Game Over
    Game Over

    One day the puma will make you his borscht. 😂

  • Кельтик

    Мужык на Артема Лобова похож

  • Mark Magana
    Mark Magana

    Hes adorable ...how can you resist him ...

  • Reid Wright
    Reid Wright




  • Лариса Билаонова
    Лариса Билаонова

    Обожаю Мессичку. Когда я на него смотрю я чувствую как у меня вырабатывается серотонин-гармон радость и удовольствия. Дай бог Месси и его семье здоровья и долгих лет.

  • Эм

    А где русскоговорящие лол?

  • Ricardo Apaza
    Ricardo Apaza

    Aqui esta el comentario en Español que buscas :v

  • Maryam Hamzayeva
    Maryam Hamzayeva


  • benafel

    This is a complete exploitation of a wild animal. It’s sick.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow

      Messi has never been truly wild. He was born in a zoo, and has been around humans every day of his life. When he was weaned the zoo sold him to a petting zoo. The Demetriovs bought him from there. His life in the petting zoo was not very good. He stayed all day in a small room and had no exercise. With the Demetriovs he gets exercise every day, gets to play in their fenced-in yard, and has a healthy diet. Messi has numerous health problems, including having rickets as a cub that stunted his growth, which means he can never survive in the wild. I understand opposing keeping exotic pets, but Messi’s situation is unique, and he truly is in the best possible environment for his circumstances. Watch some more videos and you will see he is well cared for and happy.

  • димон Ардышев
    димон Ардышев

    Вот этот звук 5.45

  • Капитан Алатристе
    Капитан Алатристе

    Он у вас в тапки не гадит?

  • The Mukeinator
    The Mukeinator

    That kitty wuvs you 😍 SO MUCH

  • Киоша рисует
    Киоша рисует

    Милая пума,почему так много английский коментов?

    • Çрыч Møрдыч
      Çрыч Møрдыч

      Канал и на англичан специализируется, есть английские субтитры

  • Mira Faiz
    Mira Faiz

    Камикадзе, я уже им сочувствую, в любой момент может быть несчастный случай, будте бдительными ребята

  • Юрий Муравьев
    Юрий Муравьев

    Сколько же весит котейка если не секрет?

  • Faith Midnight
    Faith Midnight

    Kisses from a cougar 😁.

  • Matt Monteith
    Matt Monteith

    So u must had him as a baby

  • Robin Redbreast
    Robin Redbreast

    What's that in 5:34?

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow

      Kira, their Sphinx cat.

  • Alexandra Heinstein
    Alexandra Heinstein

    “I don’t know you today” 🤣🤣 me to my cat every morninh

  • Martha Speaks
    Martha Speaks

    This is so peaceful

  • Nate Cj Foster
    Nate Cj Foster

    I see you have a hairless cat. Does the puma prefer its snacks without fur?

  • Nate Cj Foster
    Nate Cj Foster

    So a Puma and a Bear are in bed...

  • ᄌ민주


  • s a v e r a s t i c
    s a v e r a s t i c

    why is it okay if Russian has a pet puma? i am confuse

  • MrSilvershane

    Yo dad wake up. I need my corn flakes.

  • _ASTI_ART_

    Вот это трактор😀

  • paul clark
    paul clark

    So all cats are douche bags, big and small. How big is that cats scratching post?

  • Patsy Hay
    Patsy Hay

    So irresponsible

  • Karim Niang
    Karim Niang

    I clicked on the video even though I couldn't understand anything because wtf a Puma making out with Johnny Sins this shit Is legendary

  • サトシΛSH—

    4:09 yo he’s a vampire

  • D

    Imagine waking up to 0:16 I would’ve thought that was a velociraptor

  • Cláudia Cestari
    Cláudia Cestari

    🐯💙 Ele (a) quer ir no patio fazer as necessidades fisiológicas... Por favor levantem cedo para leva-lo (a)

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    As a Norelco #2.5 stubble length guy, I am admiring this man’s incredible beard length and lines more than anything. 🧔🏻

  • Kendall Marin
    Kendall Marin

    I think that puma was like: Hey dad you don't wanna get up? No breakfast? Actually don't move your head, you're starting to taste pretty damn good!

  • Карина Боляк
    Карина Боляк

    Масян, у тебя прошлый раз лучше получалось 😅😅😅

  • İbrahim Yeşil
    İbrahim Yeşil

    ne mutlu size Maaşallah meys

  • Анаит Бабаян
    Анаит Бабаян

    Красавец ласковый и любящий своих хозяев! 👍👍👍💞

  • Ринат Медведев
    Ринат Медведев

    Бля как мило😍

  • Ace Williams
    Ace Williams

    It's like a big housecat.

  • Arsany Abdelmalek
    Arsany Abdelmalek

    I thought Messi was a goat

  • Kimberly

    my cat woke me up by pouncing onto my chest from my headboard once, I think many ribs would've been broken if my cat was the size of Messi

  • SOLU ED Ac
    SOLU ED Ac

    In the Mother Russia the Cats are bigger 🤣

  • Eirik

    From a Cougar man to another: Respect!

  • kraru

    No. No Good......

  • Oz Blackmore
    Oz Blackmore


  • Oz Blackmore
    Oz Blackmore


  • MacKenzie Donald
    MacKenzie Donald

    Lol gives new meaning to telling your buddies after a night of partying that you woke up next to a "cougar"

  • Анатолий Тюльков
    Анатолий Тюльков

    Такая харошенькая

  • sergey savko
    sergey savko


  • Di Lubimova
    Di Lubimova

    Двойное одеяло лучше

  • Jamie Thompson
    Jamie Thompson

    This thing is sweeter than my 1 year old feral cat we brought in.

  • Graf Tv
    Graf Tv

    Есть русские? И да видео русское? И ты из какой страны а то видео русское а комментарии английские

  • Алексеи Шлеёнкин
    Алексеи Шлеёнкин

    У меня леопард, я в шутку сказал другу что хочу леопарда а он мне на др подарил уже как три года у меня, только в отличии от Месси он ложится на меня с самого утра и если не встану начинает носится по дому.

  • Tetrajon


  • Shadrach Wilson
    Shadrach Wilson

    Danger kitty😍

  • Ляля Золотарева
    Ляля Золотарева

    Ой какая прелесть

  • Mix

    Ауу где русские?

  • Та Та
    Та Та

    Запираете ее где-нибудь на ночь? Всё-таки животное дикое.. Мало ли что в голову придёт.

  • Tommy Wieringo
    Tommy Wieringo

    Them large cat turn on their owns and some have died it is a wild animal not a house pet.

  • Kyu Jin Kim
    Kyu Jin Kim

    에드형 영상인줄 알았네

  • TexMex Brasil
    TexMex Brasil

    cool !!! having a cougar to wake you up early every day must be quite different. I loved it, I enjoyed it too !!

  • Dan Esky
    Dan Esky


  • Marcela Gutiérrez
    Marcela Gutiérrez

    En las mañanas temprano mi gatita reacciona igual, pero en tamaño gato😅

  • Payne Vess
    Payne Vess

    Ahh, the humble Puma, otherwise known as the Dachshund of the big cats...marvelous.

  • Rajesh Jujare
    Rajesh Jujare

    Lucky guy

  • Brenton Lugrin
    Brenton Lugrin

    that cat wants morning sex or something


    У меня жена и то так никогда не проявляла внимания))

  • NotSoSneaky

    Messi is just gorgeous

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow

      Handsome cat.


    Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Иван Павлов
    Иван Павлов

    Приступ нежности случился)) У моего кота тоже бывает.

  • Terri Cruz
    Terri Cruz

    I wonder the size of the litter box.

  • Patricio Coffey
    Patricio Coffey

    Nobody: Russians: oh, I show you my little cat.

  • Mina Chgo
    Mina Chgo

    Beautiful big kitty cat....i want one!❤🐱😘😘❤🤞

  • Erik Winger
    Erik Winger

    This makes me uncomfortable.

  • Sonja Steinmüller
    Sonja Steinmüller

    Когда я вижу такое, всегда вспоминаю Берберовых. Никогда нельзя забывать, что это все же хищник, вольное животное.

    • Çрыч Møрдыч
      Çрыч Møрдыч

      Они не забывают

  • The Führer
    The Führer

    Johnny Sins and cougar

  • Rich Elliott
    Rich Elliott

    Bruh I thought that was my fukn neighbors heater or pipe or something, videos almost over and I'm just noticing it was just purring

  • Rich Elliott
    Rich Elliott

    And yet another video I leave the comment, everybody in Russia live they spirit animal, and yes the last video was Russian, a white bear if you were curious.

  • Pamela Stephens
    Pamela Stephens

    Does this cat have a giant litter box or what’s the deal there?

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow

      No, he pees in the shower and poops outside like a dog.

  • Izell Astrile
    Izell Astrile

    Of course it's a Russian...

  • phu nguyen
    phu nguyen

    it's too dangersous...still exotiic animal

  • Bill b
    Bill b

    Wow too cool

  • My Card Art
    My Card Art

    This is so loving. Just beautiful. Warms my heart ❤️❤️💕❤️

  • Толян LoveGacha
    Толян LoveGacha

    Я не могу не поставить лайк! Мое сердечко этого не позволит!:) ❤

  • 口紅


  • cat

    기린이 왜 저기 있어

  • -///Calvo\\\-

    Awwww :3

  • Yissel Ruiz Diaz
    Yissel Ruiz Diaz

    Quiere salir el felino

    • Yissel Ruiz Diaz
      Yissel Ruiz Diaz

      Yo soy un felino, y sé lo que quiere Messi, naturaleza!!

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow

      Messi quiere su paseo primero del dia.

  • Элен Стихия
    Элен Стихия

    От хитрюга)))

  • Анжела Аверьянова
    Анжела Аверьянова

    Господи, какое счастье,я Вам завидую,но только белой завистью.

  • Duri Regina
    Duri Regina

    한국인은 나뿐인가... 🙄 죄다 영어네ㅜ

  • beatriz eugenia estrada
    beatriz eugenia estrada


  • GraverGames

    There's no way that guy actually speaks like that, but I love it. It's like he's speaking what a renowned author would write.

    • akinpaws

      He has a dozen books on the headboard..



  • Sally Pins
    Sally Pins

    Get outta that bed! Dont make the kitty beg!

  • Michael Tran
    Michael Tran

    That tail is ridiculously long

  • Cristina Theiler
    Cristina Theiler


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