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  • London Guide
    London Guide

    Translation Part 1 Translated by Olga Elmes Masha starts the steam with Yana (kzit.info/do/JHzqhP6Bes_P4y1tkO01Dg. It was a long -awaited visit discussed at two previous streams and Yana nearly missed her train. Messi was jumping around but when he saw a camera he went to sleep in his corner. Messi comes to terms with Yana’s presence and tries to communicate. Then Sasha turns up in a bright yellow jumper. Ladies like its bright yellow chicken colour and Messi wakes up and says WA. Viewers write Hello, Privet, Hi. Q: Has Yana seen Gerda? Yana: Yes, I have. Very cool dog. I was even licked by her. Q: Has Messi got anything smelling of the tigers? Everybody laughs: Of course. Yana’s boots. Masha: We will make a clip about his reaction later. Messi says WA again. Sasha pets him. 5:11 They discuss Messi’s attitude to Yana. He touched her with his claws and wanted ” to catch her”. He was curious. He followed her very furtively and was taken aback when she turned back and saw him. He tried to hunt Yana. Q: What was Gerda’s attitude? Yana; Zero. As if I was a piece of furniture. Messi says WA as Sasha brings him Kefir ( a kind of yoghurt but liquid and sour). Messi frowns, Sasha thinks that the kefir is too sour. Yana says Messi got some kefir in his eye, Sasha: Kefir mask is very good for facial rejuvenation including Messi’s face. After kefir Messi will be cleaning his face and paws for a long time, which will keep him busy in front of the camera. Q: What animals did u have in your childhood? Masha: Cats and dogs. Sasha: Also mice, rats, hamsters, hedgehogs, snakes, birds. Comments: Sasha outshone all the ladies including Gerda with his jumper today. Sasha personifies spring with his jumper. Masha: Today’s stream is dedicated to Sasha’s jumper. Sasha: Shall I change then? Q: Have u fed Messi? Masha: Of course. He eats in the morning and in the evening. He woke everybody up very early, ate and then went to sleep again. Q : Where is Dmitry? Yana: We are waiting for a message from him. He has not written anything yet. All the Viewers are looking for Dmitry on the internet and write their comments. Sasha offers to join Dmitry next time and Masha will stay with Yana. Yana: We will have a classy time with Masha. Messi wipes his paws and face. 10:02 They try to sit in a way to be seen with Messi and jokingly argue with Masha. Sasha initiates a discussion - Question of the Day. Sasha: The Q is one of agricultural wisdom. How do u know how many calves a cow has had? There are external signs to say that. This is folklore but it has a scientific explanation. Sasha goes to fetch a cushion . Everybody comments that the cushion matches his jumper. Q: Everybody wants to know what was Messi’s reaction when they first met with Yana. I‘d like to know what was Yana’s reaction when she met Messi. Yana: I see such animals at work. I did not rush to kiss or cuddle Messi. You have to understand how Messi will treat you first. Messi was wary of me. He thought: Why with a suit case? How long is she going to stay here? Is she going to sleep on my sofa? You can see that Messi is the Master of the house. He came in the morning, checked what there was in my bag, pulled out everything as if I was a guest who has stolen silver spoons and was going to take them home with me. After that he went back to sleep with his parents. Yana also said that the conference had not started yet and it would be about seals and she would go to Moscow after Penza. Q; How long did Messi stay outside when he demanded an early walk ? (kzit.info/dron/ibtpl2d2cGh2hMg/bejne.html) Sasha: 2 minutes. He went out and came in. It took me longer to put on a coat than he spent walking. 14:38 Dmitry said Hello at last and everybody is laughing happily. Dmitry comments on Sasha’s yellow jumper too and says that he misses them all. Viewer: I look forward to your stream more than the program “ In the World of Animals” of my childhood. Viewers answer the Q of the Day : The thick rings on a cow’s horns to indicate how many calves she has had. They are thick rings on the horns. Yana who is a qualified Zoo vet explains: Mineral deficiencies occur during pregnancy and this produces these rings. Sasha jokes: What happens if it is a hornless cow? Yana: We look in her passport. Masha: Most people write about horns too. Some suggest it depends on the size of the cow udder but it is not so. Viewers also discuss that a cow can give birth to only one calf a year, with artificial insemination there can be 2 calves. Messi is sleeping , Sasha lifts his paw, it falls down. They laugh that Messi looks more dead than alive. Q: Yana, which of your cats can be compared with Messi? Yana: Royce. Though without Messi’s intellectual look and business manners, but in general it is Royce. A viewer received a T- shirt with Messi’s photo and they are very happy. Viewers comment that Yana has got a great sense of humour. Q: Yana, what is the difference in touch between the fur of the tigers and Messi? Yana: Messi’s is very smooth like a knee. He does not need to grow a fur coat to protect himself outside. Our tigers’ fur is like that in summer. Messian has a wonderful life, he does not have to freeze his bum outside, so he does not need a fur coat, so he does not grow it. He went out with us yesterday, looked around and said I’d better go back and u can walk here if u wish. Sasha: They don’t want to go out. The T is minus 23 to minus 27. We wait for the sun in the afternoon when it is about -14 to take out Gerda. 21:08 Q: How did Messi and Gerda behave after the meow sound clip was over? kzit.info/dron/pr531pmea5iTldw/bejne.html Sasha: Animals’ sounds from TV or Phone are like a mirror test. Animals understand very quickly that it is not real. The animal comes up, it realizes that it is intangible, the smells can’t be caught hence it does not exist. Messi needed 5 min to understand the sounds were not real, Gerda- 8 minutes. Yana: They understood it was “fake news”. Sasha points to sleeping Messi.: Yes it was his reaction. It was more interesting with Gerda. There are no cats in Africa whose sounds are similar to those of domestic cats. Continents converged and diverged repeatedly, the last divergence was 2 mln years ago and for 2 mln years cheetahs have not heard sounds of domestic cats. And still Gerda is able to understand that these sounds were broadcast, they did not come from nature. Sasha points to Messi: Pumas, opposite, can come across these sounds in nature, for example they can hear a jaguarundi’s meow. Yana: Our tigers were listening to similar sounds for 2 min before they realized it was fake. They heard sounds of a real lion and the reaction was very different. Alive lion which was roaring at nights next to them became interesting for them. Olga from St Petersburg: It’s my birthday today. Kiss Messian for me, please. Sasha went to kiss Messi, for that he had to wake him up. Q: How does Yana survive without coffee during the stream?

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      liberal ass

      @Ekaterina Levicheva thank you all of you for the translation 🙏🏻 highly appreciated 👍

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      Ollie Foxx

      Thank you for the translation. It looks like it was alot of work. I like hearing them speak Russian but I cant speak it. The translation helped me really appreciate the video.

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      A big thank you 🙏to our golden team of translators❣

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  • Elephant seal
    Elephant seal

    One has to be very brave to become a Russian veterinarian, having top predators such as pumas, leopards, tigers, bears etc as patients! Even vets in Moscow have to treat such patients in their practices.

    • Elephant seal
      Elephant seal

      @Ирина Викар Thanks for your reply and the story about Yana and Kim. It is so nice to know the wonderful story behind those tigers’ adoption. No wonder Aston’s nose has a darkened area. I had recently subscribed to their channel . Those tigers are huge. I will not be afraid of standing next to Messi, but definitively will be petrified of Yana’s tigers! Yana is definitely a very brave and competent veterinarian. She was able to get the blood samples so easily from Gerda👍👍👍! She is also very humorous too. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      @Elephant seal, yes, we saw them on Thursday video taking her a blood sample (I know, my reply is late)). Yana is even braver than one can imagine. Once 5 years ago, as a veterinarian, Yana was asked to see two small tiger cubs that had been refused by their mother. Yana and Dima came and were shocked to see the kittens. Both were dying. They lost all the fur, they were bald. They got only cow milk, which is the wrong food for tigers. They suffered of malnutrition and allergies. They pressed their noses against the fence waiting for food, and because of this, their noses were badly injured. Yana said to Dima: "Let's get them, or I'll never forgive you." They only had enough money for one kitten. They asked the owner for an installment plan, but he refused. He called them back two weeks later, when the second kitten had died... Dima and Yana named the kitten Aston. Since then, he has had a bald spot on his nose in memory of the times when there was a hole in it. Before they met Aston, Dima never thought about being a tiger trainer. He was a circus contortionist and an engineer by training. They started to work as animal trainers to maintain several big cats. After they had saved Aston, they saved Honda and Royce who were also refused by their mothers. Dima and Yana had also a tame lioness named Shelby. But she was very ill, got cancer and they lost her... Shelby was a friend of Aston. They grew up ang lived three years together... kzit.info/dron/ZM6l3ZWDh2mFl5k/bejne.html Aston was missing her a lot. After her death he is alone. Yana painted her portrait and they keep it on the wall in memory of her.

    • Elephant seal
      Elephant seal

      @Ирина Викар Yana is a very brave lady👍👍👍! Her tigers are so much bigger than Messi! Did she and Sasha manage to get the blood sample taken from Gerda as planned?

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      Yana decided to be a vet when she saw circus ponies in early childhood. The field of her special professional interests is veterinary of seals.

  • Dawn Labre
    Dawn Labre

    Wish i knew what you were saying. No subtitles 😞😞

    • Elephant seal
      Elephant seal

      English translations, done by kind volunteers, are already pinned and posted at the beginning of the comments section. No subtitles in live-streams.

  • Габрусь Татьяна
    Габрусь Татьяна

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  • VIII.Kleopatra İsis Aleksandra Flipa Julia Sera
    VIII.Kleopatra İsis Aleksandra Flipa Julia Sera

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    Светлана Дюпина

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    Елена Пиперкова

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    MaloPoMalу /

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    • Elephant seal
      Elephant seal

      English translations, done by kind volunteers, are already pinned and posted at the beginning of the comments section. No subtitles in live-streams.

  • Alfira Khalikova
    Alfira Khalikova

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    Gloria Maria Suárez Pinto

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    Haydee Ramos

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translation in the first pinned comment, as always. We translate gradually over the course of a week. We also translate online in chat during the stream.

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Part 1 of the translation is already available.

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    Света Кукушкина

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      Anna Koroleva

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