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  • Anna Bondaruk
    Anna Bondaruk

    STREAM TRANSLATION PART 1 Translated by Svetlana Kulaeva 0:15 “Hello everyone!”- Masha and Sasha say.“Meow” - adds Messi to guy’s greetings. 0:37 Masha says, “As you can see, we dressed warmly today. It’s quite warm outside, so we decided to stream from the yard. At least, to start outside. We are going to walk Messi, Gerda.” 0:45 Sasha says, “We just play it by ear. Because it’s pretty windy out there. We’ll see. If there is trouble hearing, we will get back home.” The guys discuss the weather. It feels like spring is coming. 1:25 There’s one box to open today. The guys don’t know for sure what it is inside but they have an idea what it can be. So, we will open it later. 1:47 Sasha asks Messi if he is ready to go for a walk. Masha “Sure, daddy, I’m ready”. Sasha brings Messi’s collar and says “Are you ready, kids? Aye, Captain!” and puts it on Messi. Messi doesn’t understand what’s going on. He grumbles and doesn’t want to go out. Sasha says he is coming along. 2:35 “Happy last day of January,” Masha reads and congratulates the followers back. “The springtime is closer and closer. And, as usual, it seems like there is so much snow and the winter will last for long time and then, suddenly, it ends so rapidly and the spring comes so fast that you even don’t have time to realise that, as the first leaves are popping up. Yesterday, the snow fall. And, when I went out to feed Gerda in the morning, all pathways were covered by snow. We cleaned them in the evening.” 3:22 Messi is still in the house and Sasha wonders how slow is Messi. Sasha even managed to show off in front of the mirror two minutes. And Messi is still there. 3:24 “Does Messi get jealous of Kira when you pet her and vice versa?” reads Masha the message. “No, no one gets jealous. Everything is okay with this” answers Masha. 3:30 Masha reads the greetings from the followers. One of the messages is “What does it mean to walk? I didn’t expect this. And where is my sour cream?” Sasha laughs. 3:41 Sasha takes the camera and lets Masha go to put her outdoor clothing and footwear on. And Messi decided that he will better go inside too. Sasha exclaims, when he sees that “Where are you going? Where are you going? Where are you going? You are already shod and dressed! You can already go out, Messi!” Masha and Sasha persuade Messi to go out. 4:12 Sasha to Messi “As soon as you want to go home, you will be able to return. Come on. We are all heading for walk.” But Messi decides that it’s the perfect time to lay down. 4:20 Sasha translates Messi’s thoughts, citing an anecdote “What if a war breaks out and I am exhausted” 4:25 Sasha continues to persuade Messi to go for a walk, arguing that it’s so warm and nice outside. “Let’s go, Messi! Let’s go, handsome cat!” But Messi stands his ground. Sasha says “It turns out, we got an indoor puma - the summertime is too hot for him, and in winter it is too cold for him. He always needs comfortable temperature.” 5:03 Masha reads the message “Hello from Novosibirsk. I am waiting for you to visit my city.” Masha suggested that it might happen someday, when the guys finish the construction of the tiger shelter. 5:22 Masha reads the greetings from Omsk, Yaroslavl, Italy, Bulgaria, Yeysk etc. and the question “Where is Kira?” Sasha replies “She is upstairs.” 5:48 Messi left the chat and went to his place. Sasha asks “Are you serious?” Messi tries to close the door with his nose in reply to Sasha’s question. 6:05 Masha wonders “Wow, there are so many attendees from the different parts of the world!” 6:10 Masha reads the message “Messi froze because he’s an African” Sasha says that Messi isn’t an African, but rather a Canadian one. And Masha adds “Gerda is an African and she is ready to walk under all weather conditions.” 6:17 Sasha says “In half of an hour we will show you how an African walks. There is no need to beg her for a long time. She is like: Oh, we are going for a walk? Great. I’m going. 6:30 Masha reads the message “Why are you driving the cat outside?” The guys giggle and Sasha replies “The cat has the fur coat on. And, actually, he wants, he just doesn’t know that.” 6:39 Masha replies to the question whether there are the boxes to open today. She says that it is unexpected box from China. 7:01 Masha reads the message: “Messi is not lazy. He is just energy-saving.” Sasha says: “Exactly. That’s exactly.” 7:23 Masha got the message whether they know the family from Sevastopol who owns 8 months puma. Masha says they don’t know this family. 7:40 Masha reads the message: “Do you carry Messi in arms?” and replies: “We do it out of necessity, when he doesn’t want to go exit from the veterinary clinic and we are in a hurry.” Sasha adds: “Or when he feels affectionate. But, to be honest, he weights around 50 kg/110lbs and it’s not the same as to lift a 50kg barbell up. It’s much more difficult. And, to be honest, it’s not a great pleasure. 8:38 Masha reads the message: “What did Messi’s talking tail mean and what kind of emotion did he express with it?” (talking about the video “Puma Messi speaks sign language!”). Sasha explains that Messi was annoyed with Sasha for bothering him. 9:30 Sasha says: “I guess everybody is here and we can start to open our box.” Meanwhile, Masha responds to the question of Messi’s age and says that he turned five on October 30. Handmade collars and leashes, which the guys ordered in Ukraine as gifts for Messi and Gerda, are almost ready and will soon be ready for shipment. Masha reads the message: “I am watching your stream at work. One day they definitely will fire me.” Sasha responds: “You just need to introduce your boss to our streams.” Sasha says: “One cat tears the box, the other one cuts the box.” And this is a silver button from BiliBili (Chinese version of KZit). The guys can’t read anything as all the information is in Chinese. However, Masha assumes they got it for Messi’s channel. His channel was first to hit 100k followers. Sasha admires the quality of the button: “This is like a real piece of art!” Masha: “WOW, thank you, that’s amazing!” The guys are so happy.

    • Antoaneta Slavescu
      Antoaneta Slavescu

      Congratulations Messi, good job. 👍

    • Elisa Williams
      Elisa Williams

      Well, Gerda in Anderson’s The Snow Queen is a very brave girl, so I like to think that that’s how she got her name.

    • Anna Bondaruk
      Anna Bondaruk

      Thank you all for your feedback! This week we have addition to out team - Svetlana and Olga who kindly agreed to help with translations for English speaking viewers. Big thanks for them for their help!

    • tanrex3

      Thank u lovely ladies for the translations! 🙏🙏🙏 It’s a very big job but know that we all appreciate your efforts and who knows, maybe one day we will all be fluent in Russian 😁😁😁

    • Elisa Williams
      Elisa Williams

      Svetlana! (That was autocorrect trying to embarrass me.)

  • Galina Uvarova
    Galina Uvarova

    Начала смотреть и не могу оторваться .

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    Nqkoi si dimitrov Nik oficqul

    the lion king simba nala

  • Ваня Пупкин
    Ваня Пупкин

    Вам бы на время стрима веранду прогревать. Например печку на веранде затапливать. И тепло будет и картинка ещё уютнее. И коты на печке грелись бы. Или инфракрасные обогреватели на веранде на время стрима включали бы.

  • Kristi Tolliver
    Kristi Tolliver

    Come to the US so we can meet you and Messi. We love you !💖❤️💜

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    Tink Ie

    yu guys look good together. xoxo love from the u.s.

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    Chris Dennison

    You guys are amazing! Your cats are stunning!!!! I absolutely love your videos!!!! 🙏💕

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  • Eye Contact
    Eye Contact

    This is the first time I've seen you close to your wife. You've always been with puma Messi!

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    Bloody Romero

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    Rosetta Jackson

    Beautiful you guys have a cheetah too❤️ I see what u was building that for Cheetah and a Puma wonderful!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rosetta Jackson
    Rosetta Jackson

    Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊

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    Timah Tamon

    Much love Messi and his family

  • Ann Martin
    Ann Martin

    Greetings from Oklahoma in the US I've been watching all of the videos. I get the English language but sometimes I can't understand what you are saying. I love watching you two and that beautiful Messi. I am a for sure cat lover. Praying for you all for Peace and Happiness..

  • Glenys Perry
    Glenys Perry

    Thanks to all who spent so much time to translate for English speaking viewers. Much appreciated from this Canadian.

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    Вера Пинчук

    Подписалась на вас.Интересно.

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    marina marina

    Ребята смотрела ваш эфир 31 января и вдруг сын позвонил с работы случилась авария сломал 2 руки пожелайте все ему здоровья мы вас любим я плачу

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    жанна демина

    Подписана на канал Алексея. У него прекрасные львы! И очень интересные видео!

  • Denise MARLIERE
    Denise MARLIERE

    Bonjour à vous 4 ! Je m'appelle Denise. Je suis Française et j'habite dans le Sud-Est de la France. Depuis que je vous ai découvert, je vous regarde très souvent et je vous trouve sublimement beaux ! Merci beaucoup de nous faire partager votre bonheur avec vos deux sublimes fauve ; Messi et Gerda ! C'est merveilleux !!! Comme quoi l'humain est fait pour vivre avec les animaux, quels qu'ils soient ! Ne changez rien, continuez ainsi, vous êtes vraiment formidables !!! gros bisous à vous deux et grosses léchouilles à Messi et Gerda !!! Denise.


    wonderful love

  • Панас Задрищенко
    Панас Задрищенко

    Маша очень красивая)) Такая красивая, что просто аааах! Какая красивая Маша! А ещё Маша крайне нежная и добрая))))

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    Nana Bono

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    Silvia Talavera

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    Barbara Hamilton

    These videos I have been watching for awhile.and I came to realize that these wonderful people live alot like us.it has taught me that their hopes and dreams are like any other human beings.people need to realize we are all humans capable of love and hope and happiness.may we all see that just because we are in different parts of the world doesn't mean we are so different, we all want the same God given rights.i love these videos these beautiful animals are amazing.

  • abde lrane فوفيل للفديوهات
    abde lrane فوفيل للفديوهات


  • Mike Baboosh
    Mike Baboosh

    Sasha really is a very Beautiful girl.she's not seen enough

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Mike Baboosh This is my real name, of course :) Nice to meet you!

    • Mike Baboosh
      Mike Baboosh

      @Ekaterina Levicheva whatever you say Ekaterina..if that's even your REAL name.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      @Mike Baboosh Is this a funny joke? :))) I am Russian, I am a moderator and translator of the channel. I assure you that the woman's name is Masha, and the man's name is Sasha. There is nothing to discuss here.

    • Mike Baboosh
      Mike Baboosh

      @Ekaterina Levicheva you have it backwards. Masha is the guy.a Sasha is the girl.that's how Russian names work.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Her name is Masha (full name is Maria). Her husband's name is Sasha (Alexander).

  • Mike Baboosh
    Mike Baboosh

    These two have a very rare and unique chance to really change the way we treat mountain lions.

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    Юлия Батыченко

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    Каролева Фрося

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    Howard Staunton

    Одного у себя в кровати держите, другого в будке зимой. Это черезвычайно вас характеризует.

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      Это характеризует их понимание того, что Месси и Герда не могут жить в одном помещении. Всем бы такую будку! 😁 Она стоила как целая квартира. Кстати, сфинкс появился в семье 8 лет назад, а Месси - 4 года назад. В этом же стриме они ещё раз рассказали о Кире.

    • Григорий Лисов
      Григорий Лисов

      @Howard Staunton следим, гепарда они выкупили, потому что у зоопарка не хватало финансов на содержание

    • Howard Staunton
      Howard Staunton

      @Григорий Лисов А зачем они вообще завели этого гепарда? Вы следите за каналом? Есть пума, завели ещё сфинкса, хорошо, это я понимаю, но зачем гепард?

    • Григорий Лисов
      Григорий Лисов

      Месси по состоянию здоровья живёт в доме, а гепард может жить в вольере, тем более, что дома она будет метить всё. Узнать надо, а потом писать.

  • Ira Khor
    Ira Khor

    Прям дверь подолгу держите открытой, когда выпускаете кота, у вас так тепло? Только вас нашла, хотелось бы узнать, где находится такой прекрасный дом, как отапливаете и насколько оправданы стеклопакеты в пол? А то хочу, но боюсь)) Спасибо!

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      @Ira Khor, конечно, есть ещё камин в зале внизу... Судя по тому, что ребята то и дело открывают дверь на террасу, холода они вообще не боятся.

    • Ira Khor
      Ira Khor

      Ирина Викар Вы меня прям удивили, если эти панели установлены на втором этаже и при этом прогревают весь дом..(!) . Обязательно спрошу. Ещё раз, спасибо.

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      @Ira Khor, они под потолком второго этажа, а не первого. Напишите Маше на messi.puma@yandex.ru, больше я не могу ничего сказать.

    • Ira Khor
      Ira Khor

      Ирина Викар Большое спасибо за ответ! Только можно уточнить, вы пишете, что панели находятся в перекрытиях на втором этаже, я так понимаю, перекрытие между первым и вторым этажом? Очень бы хотелось узнать подробнее насколько эффективно, стоимость оборудования и эксплуатации, если Вы в теме, насколько это возможно. Вопрос животрепещущий.

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      Это Пензенская область. Дом и вольер отапливаются только инфракрасными панелями. В доме они скрыты под потолком на втором этаже, а в вольере расположены под потолком открыто.

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    Rafał Olbrich


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    Tali Bal

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    Dream Dream

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  • Roma Vereshagin
    Roma Vereshagin

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    New Infor wild

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    Alla Korabļova

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    Jean Claude CHASSERIAUD

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    Vika Barchukova

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    Виталий Маненков

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    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Ребята живут в коттеджном поселке под Пензой.

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    Erik Dzidsoew

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    Guys, if you really like Messi then let's start to learn Russian! :D as i should have to do lol

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    I am the Great Papyrus

    I wish I knew Russian! I love your videos.. You have such a beautiful home, I love how there is a fireplace outside on your porch! Messi is so adorable! I want give him lots of hugs. Stay safe and healthy, and keep warm!

    • I am the Great Papyrus
      I am the Great Papyrus

      @Ekaterina Levicheva thank you!

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      FAQs: Sasha and Masha live in Russia and speak Russian during the stream. Sunday stream will be translated. You’ll find the translation pinned under the video in a comment section.

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    sandy tsai

    No English subtitles?

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      sandy tsai

      @Ekaterina Levicheva No problem. Messi and cheetah are so lovely. Love both of them. I always watched their videos. So many thanks for your taking great care of them everyday.

    • Ekaterina Levicheva
      Ekaterina Levicheva

      Translating a two-hour video is a huge job. Translators, we are ordinary subscribers, like you. When we have time, we translate. When we are busy, the translation takes a lot of time. Have patience please. Or learn Russian :) You can also learn some details from the chat (watch the video with the chat). During the stream, we translate the most important moments of the events. After a few days, a translation into English will appear in the first pinned comment. Check back to this video later.

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    Cadê os br que o KZit mandou aq por motivo nenhum

  • Vitali Asker
    Vitali Asker

    Кот не глупый, нафиг ему на холод переться, там + совсем никакой так что го пода сами се там на холоде🤣🤣🤣

  • Максим364364 Максим364364
    Максим364364 Максим364364

    Странно слышать от вас о том что Катины животные это не ваши животные, создаётся впечатление что вы любите только своих....

    • Anna Koroleva
      Anna Koroleva

      @Максим364364 Максим364364 где любовь и ответственность у семейки браконьеров? У которых по дороге к покупателю в чемоданах дохнут тысячи животных. Не мне? Так Саша с Машей уже давно про вашего Кирюшу и Катеньку даже слышать не хотят

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      @Максим364364 Максим364364, жаль, что такие как вы путают любовь с розовыми соплями и показухой там, где от безграмотности и небрежения гибнут животные.

    • Максим364364 Максим364364
      Максим364364 Максим364364

      Любовь это любовь, а ответственность -ответственность..Не вам сообщение, вот и не лезьте со своим видением

    • Anna Koroleva
      Anna Koroleva

      Пишите это на канале своей Катеньки и ее браконьера-муженька

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      Любовь - это ответственность. Слышали о таком? Катины животные - только её ответственность.

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    Meral Karabıyık

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    Olga Solo

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    Olga Solo

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  • Janane Hamilton
    Janane Hamilton

    Congratulations to awards!

  • Olga Kozko
    Olga Kozko

    Привет! А чем кормите Киру?

    • Ирина Викар
      Ирина Викар

      Ее кормят влажным кормом. Royal Canine, кажется.

  • Татьяна Коротова
    Татьяна Коротова


  • Olga Solo
    Olga Solo

    Машуля, если хочешь преобразится лучше обратиться к Александру Рогову. Он сделает современный образ, который тебе понравится. У Модного приговора далеко не всегда удачные образы.

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    Chasey and Furrriends

    Pets Are Family 🐾❤️ and Family is Forever 🤗😻😽 I'm a FurMom to 20 wonderful beloved Cats 🇵🇭🐈💞🐾💙 and one sweet naughty puppy 🐕❤️🇵🇭

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      Anna Bondaruk

      Translation will be posted soon, as a first pinned comment


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      Ирина Викар

      ¡Hola! Haga preguntas a mí que hablo Español y soy moderadora aquí.

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    How old are we anyway. yipes

    There's the pretty girl. We all love you dear....

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    Lua Lobo

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    Paris Branker

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